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We 'do' digital transformation

We built Eliga because our sector needed disrupting as much as our clients' industries. That's a big bold claim. But we can back it up.

From technology to process, to data, to cultural change, we bring fresh thinking and a nimble approach. We have transformed the digital capabilities of some of the world’s biggest and most demanding organisations.



Digital transformation is about more than technology. It's changing culture and mindsets. It's embracing new and emerging technology that adds value. It's about doing what's right for the user, not always what's easiest. Working with key stakeholders, we explore how to break down some of the barriers between business and technology.

Digital transformation that challenges the status quo

Technical consulting

Don't get left behind with your technology. Get ahead. Legacy systems and processes aren't holding the disruptors back, so don't let them do the same to you.

Digital consulting

An informed user experience makes or breaks a project, idea or even a business. We audit what you've got, advise on what you need and deliver what your customers want.

Business consulting

We're not afraid to ask the most challenging questions and be honest about what might be holding your business back. When we're challenged in a constructive way, it gives us all an opportunity to be better.



There's relentless pressure to keep up with the speed of change for every sector. We utilise cutting edge technology to allow our clients to evolve and recognise new benefits as quickly as possible. But we don't believe in technology for technology's sake. We take a data-driven approach to validate every idea until we find the right solution.

Making the art of the impossible, possible

Our engineers combine innovation, experience and pragmatism to deliver exceptional technology consultancy and measurable results with every project we undertake.

Innovation labs

Work with us to accelerate and test your new ideas. Act as an agile startup and disrupt or complement your day-to-day business with novel approaches to old problems.

Concept accelerator

Want to have some fun and explore what you're capable of? We believe there's always something to be learnt, whether you find success or failure. Think you've got the perfect idea for mobile gaming - let's hear it.

Open banking

OPEN is a powerful open banking platform developed by Eliga. We provide you with access to secure customer financial data. You get the complete picture of your customer’s financial footprint, to serve them better.


We work with your internal stakeholders to ensure every technology project and service roadmap is appropriately shaped and set up for success. Develop, maintain and enhance an appropriate operating model with strong governance, risk management and business resilience integration. There's nothing better than making our solution more efficient by reducing manual processes.

Agility. Adaptability. Scalability.

The future is here.
Welcome to open banking.

Our clients' customers want more control over how their financial data is shared and used to tailor offerings. We've created the Eliga OPEN banking API platform in response.

We are changing the landscape of finance.

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