Eliga celebrates carbon neutral certification

Eliga’s Head of Operations, David Cowland, discusses our climate action efforts over the past six months. This includes how we achieved our Carbon Neutral certification, our goals for 2022, and our ongoing work with ClimatePartner. 


Eliga is in a critical phase of expansion. As teams grow in headcount and the number of people commuting to the office increases, it’s imperative that we monitor our carbon footprint (CFF) individually and collectively. In 2021, we decided to tackle our footprint with the help of ClimatePartner in a bid to become carbon neutral.   


What is ClimatePartner? 

ClimatePartner has over 15 years of experience, working with partners in various industries like retail and financial services. With over 5,000 clients, its robust database of thousands of emissions factors proved essential in our selection of a trusted partner.  

The company relies on databases like Ecoinvent, DEFRA, Agribalyse, and others, as well as its own LCI datasets. Thanks to ClimatePartner’s pragmatic approach, we were able to obtain meaningful results in a cost-effective manner. ClimatePartner’s methodology follows Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and is closely aligned with ISO 14064/PAS 2060 standards. 


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How are footprints calculated?  

GHG Protocol outlines different ways to create a footprint, by using consumption data or financial data. Consumption data allows high accuracy and ‘robust results’. However, this approach often requires additional effort to gather data. Consumption data may relate to the weight of purchased goods or fuel consumed. Calculations based on financial data are generally easier to carry out. Nonetheless, it’s important to highlight they are not always as accurate.  

Calculating our corporate footprint was an important step in tackling climate action as a business. The partnership with ClimatePartner helped us understand our greenhouse emissions and any carbon hotspots in our business. 


Measuring emissions 

ClimatePartner’s software allowed us to see how different parts of our business impacts our footprint in real-time. The result? A tailored report on Eliga’s activities with a detailed breakdown of hotspots and our carbon footprint relative to the equivalent hours spent commuting or using business travel.  

ClimatePartner measured three different types of carbon emissions across our business in compliance with the protocol.  

  • First, we calculated direct emissions that Eliga produces as a business. This includes company vehicle use or other travel.  
  • Second, we calculated indirect emissions, such as our office’s electricity usage.  
  • Finally, we calculated the entire value chain of our business from business travel to the number of days employees commute to work.  

 That last area accounted for the largest chunk of our overall corporate carbon footprint. This is true of most businesses. 

ClimatePartner helped us gather data for each of these categories, using a cloud-based software tool. Alicia, our Operations Support Manager was instrumental in collating all the information and working closely with ClimatePartner to achieve our goals.


What happens after data is collected? 

Once the data collection of all Eliga’s activity (i.e. miles driven, utilities, etc.) was inputted and finalised, it was translated into carbon emission equivalents. ClimatePartner’s software allowed us to see how different parts of our business impact our footprint in real-time.   

The result? A tailored report on Eliga’s activities. This includes a detailed breakdown of hotspots and our carbon footprint relative to the equivalent hours spent commuting or travelling. 


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Reporting our footprint  

Corporate Carbon Footprints help companies develop a better understanding of the individual and collective impact of global warming. It’s also essential for reporting and disclosing your carbon footprint to internal and external partners – as well as clients. Using a science-based approach to measuring and reporting, we can continuously monitor our baseline data for improved target setting and reduction on individual and company-wide levels.

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