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Implementing scrum framework

Eliga assessed our client’s content and analytics capabilities, establishing new ways of working to support its digital transformation programme. Furthermore, we leveraged our thought leadership and capability building skills to address digital maturity and governance.


As a trusted agile leader, Eliga has a strong record of implementing Scrum framework for our clients. We worked collaboratively, utilising the knowledge of our Senior Scrum Master. Our expert team leveraged its capabilities across agile transformation, content management and analytics to help drive an agile mindset and technical tool selection.

The challenge

For its data and analytics strategy, our client required:

  • An assessment of its content management capabilities and validation of its tech solutions
  • An assessment of its analytic capabilities and technical solutions
  • A new feature team to integrate into the programme
  • A Scrum Master to the design system team
What we delivered
  • Current and future analytics capabilities assessment
  • Current and future content capabilities assessment
  • Scrum framework to aid existing programme

Our approach

Eliga conducted a current state assessment of our client’s content management and analytic capabilities, defining its future capabilities to align with the internal user and customer experience.

We deployed a Senior Scrum Master to coach the new feature team on how to deliver with an agile mindset and incremental approach. Eliga’s consultant was actively involved in a Scrum leaders’ group, thinking of innovative ways to remove risks and dependencies. As a result, this allowed us to align deliveries across the five teams.

The Scrum Master engaged the programme stakeholders, guiding them on how to interact with the feature team. Additionally, we coached the team to work with an agile mindset, delivering value to the business. Eliga also helped the Product Owner manage the company’s product backlog through user story prioritisation, fragmentation exercises and mapping activities. Working with the Business Analyst, the programme’s technical and business solutions were broken down into deliverable chunks for the team to consume.

The impact

As a result of providing expertise in adopting an agile mindset and incremental approach to product delivery, the new Feature team became the highest-performing group in the programme. This demonstrates Eliga’s capabilities in delivering agile transformation in a federated model, helping accelerate delivery through the Scrum framework.

Ways of working

Benefit realisation of agile deliveries and mindset shift


Highest-performing group across the programme


Accelerated delivery cycles, quarterly to monthly

Business capabilities

  • Thought Leadership
  • Content and Analytics Capability Mapping
  • Requirements Management
  • Agile Transformation

Technology capabilities

  • Technical and Digital Architecture Review

Other work

Implementing a cutting-edge CMS

We delivered a dynamic Content Management System under a strict deadline with ongoing 24/7 support. It was deployed before the end of our client’s contract with its enterprise legacy platform.

Delivering an infrastructure solution

After delivering a tactical piece of work, Eliga assisted in the delivery of a pension portal. We worked with various streams across global teams to build, test and deliver a new infrastructure solution journey, replacing a dated solution.

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