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Implementing a cutting-edge CMS

We delivered a dynamic Content Management System under a strict deadline with ongoing 24/7 support. It was deployed before the end of our client’s contract with its enterprise legacy platform.


As a trusted digital transformation consultancy, Eliga has a strong record of implementing content management solutions for household names. Our people-centric approach allowed us to work with our partner’s digital and content teams to rapidly build and deploy a dynamic solution in less than 9 months. This project shows our ability to scale up and leverage our deep knowledge of internal processes, governance and lifecycles.

The challenge

There were inconsistencies in customer experience across front-end journeys globally. The programme urgently required a full Scrum team with experienced Django CMS developers to carry out the development of the new CMS solution. Our client needed its websites migrated before the end of the contract with its enterprise legacy CMS platform.

What we delivered
  • UX Design and delivery of multiple front-end journeys
  • Deployment of dynamic CMS solution
  • 1-year of 24/7 application support
  • Post-support documentation

The approach

Eliga quickly assembled two Scrum teams made up of Programme Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Developers, DevOps and Testers to support the client’s teams. Our consultants worked through several continuous engagements with digital and content teams to gather requirements and standardise industry best practices for development and release pipelines across all websites. We met our client’s requirement that the solution should be native, component-based and ‘headless.’

Eliga applied Design Thinking and subsequent frontend UX design of multiple journeys, assisting digital and content teams with development and release pipelines across all websites. All code was written in Pep8 standards and used Pytest for unit testing. Finally, we used a ‘24/7’ support model with ongoing post-migration support, including documentation and knowledge transfer post-migration of all websites and ongoing improvement.

Tech used

The impact

With the granular control of the metadata management for pages and assets, Google search engines were able to crawl all new sites hosted under the new CMS solution efficiently, resulting in a higher SEO ranking.

By implementing a well-optimised CDN provided by AWS along with auto-scalable container orchestration, we significantly improved performance, resulting in low load times (from 10 seconds to under a second). We also introduced full-fledged monitoring and notifications workflow to address production issues, avoiding any downtime. Finally, the new CMS solution was hosted in a cost-optimised AWS eco-system, saving client time and resources.

User experience

Increased customer satisfaction and revenue

Load time

10 seconds to under a second


Full-fledged monitoring and notifications


CMS solution hosted in AWS eco-system

UX design activities

  • Personas Mental Models
  • Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Design Thinking

Business capabilities

  • Content Capability Mapping
  • Requirements and Roadmapping
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Requirements and Programme Management
  • Change Plan and Communications

Technology capabilities

  • Cloud Automation and DevSecOps
  • Container Orchestration and Management
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Principles
  • Migration Strategies and Enterprise Application Integration
  • Bespoke Engineering Product Development for Web & Mobile Apps
  • QA Framework and Services
  • Data and Reference Architecture
  • API Architecture and Implementation

Other work

Delivering an infrastructure solution

After delivering a tactical piece of work, Eliga assisted in the delivery of a pension portal. We worked with various streams across global teams to build, test and deliver a new infrastructure solution journey, replacing a dated solution.

Implementing scrum framework

Eliga assessed our client’s content and analytics capabilities, establishing new ways of working to support its Digital Transformation programme. We leveraged our thought leadership and capability building skills to address digital maturity and governance.

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