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Get to know Eliga

Bold brands turn to us to accelerate their digital experience. We deliver bespoke products and solutions that our clients want to shout about, but we are about more than technology. Our experts help clients uncover new growth opportunities and build the roadmap for a digital future built on delighted customers.

Our mission

We are on a mission to help companies be agile and resilient as they transform their business. We are professional rule breakers and want to help partners grow by disrupting their market with products and services that customers rave about.

We don't fit in a permanent box. We evolve because that's what technology does.

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The story behind our name

The agile software development approach embodies everything we believe in as a business.

So, we spelt it backwards and found our name. Who said stories had to be long?

Our history

From recruitment to technology consulting, creating products and looking at new business areas, this is an exciting time to be a part of Eliga.
  • 2016

    Eliga Services founded
    Eliga Services is founded as a separate company in order to conduct an Agile Coaching Assignment requested by a client

  • 2017

    Django CMS
    Eliga is introduced to Django CMS and conducts various CMS projects and continues to seek more consultancy projects

  • 2018

    Redevelopment project
    Led the redevelopment of a large pension retirement savings portal for a leading asset management company

  • 2020

    Organic growth
    Eliga’s strategy focusses on organic growth through hiring key experts to drive the strategy, growth and service offerings along with building a wider client base

  • 2021

    OPEN by Eliga
    Eliga develops and launches its 'OPEN by Eliga' open banking platform

Get to know us a bit more

These are our people who do brilliant things. We're professional rule-breakers. We get invested and we care. We always do the right thing and won't mess you around.

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