Software development

We do not chase software development trends – we help you create them.
We are experts in software project development and delivery. We possess the technical skills to keep ahead of the rapid pace of change in software development.
After a project discovery phase, we will deploy the right development skillset and culture based on your needs for success.

Benefits of our development expertise

Experience building global tech products

We work with fantastic financial services brands that are building game-changing digital products and solutions. From content management systems, web and mobile applications to API integrations our team of experts are ready.

We are not a ‘one language shop’

We choose the best programming language for the project, instead of shoe horning our preferred language on our client.

The programming languages we specialise in

We know with the Finance sector bespoke development is often a must and that means you need the technical know how to build from scratch.


Having developers who are experts in C# means we can harness Microsoft’s programming language to build your project perfectly and exactly how you want it.


We use Java to create brilliant web applications for our clients where simplicity is a must, but is often the hardest thing to achieve. Our developers work to the highest standard, always with best practice in mind.


When Python is the right choice for your project, our dev team can utilise this language just as some of the tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Spotify do.


Javascript underpins the core element of in-browser and in-app client-side experiences, which is exactly why our team are specialists in its many variants.

Our talented developers

Flexibility is part of the DNA of Agile project delivery and an Eliga partnership gives you the capability to turn ideas into innovative products.

Whatever the size and scale of the project, the Eliga team applies the same tried and tested no-nonsense processes. The dedicated Eliga Account Manager will work to understand user and stakeholder expectations. As well as assess on-the-ground challenges and evaluate what you have already got before we help you plan the technical approach. We love blue sky thinking but our recommendations are always based on real-world business application and value.

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