Agile Project Management

Taking an Agile approach to project management means being pragmatic and flexible. We bring our own techniques and experience but always compliment our clients ways of working. Collaboration is key.
Our clients turn to Eliga for guidance. Our expert project management capability encompasses everything from POC’s to full blown implementation.

Benefits of our development expertise

Project management you can trust

Our Project Managers will be by your side from the planning phase through to handover. They are responsible and accountable for project planning, delivery and success as well as managing the budgets, stakeholders, governance and risk.

Our Project Managers use Agile tools to plan, collaborate, keep everything on track and always work in partnership with the Scrum master to ensure projects are delivered to the requirements. Whether supplementing our clients teams or working on a fully Eliga owned delivery, our Project Managers always maintain the same Eliga principles.

On-site partnerships

All  Project Managers work on site so they become fully integrated within your environment.

Our promise to you

Here at Eliga we strive to make our clients happy. Every time. But we understand that things can go wrong so we pride ourselves on how we put things right. Everyone at Eliga takes responsibility for customer happiness. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Our PM’s also understand there is a bigger picture. We have strategic data experts to help you paint it.

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