Data strategy

At Eliga we are not afraid to ask the most challenging questions which allows us to map out our clients data driven approach and the taxonomy of a data strategy.
Extensive experience allows us to support the definition, vision, values and guiding principles in creating your data strategy, helping you become a data driven organisation.

Benefits of our development expertise

Constructing your data strategy

Eliga will define a data capabilities reference model which will enable an internal maturity assessment to be conducted, as well as creating a Roadmap of change to support your Target Operating Model.

We will provide a full As-Is review to establish the key priorities and track them against the Roadmap. Secondly, Eliga will outline the data and insight programme to support the mobilisation and execution of the data strategy. This will also include the production of  a detailed change portfolio that is aligned to the strategy and Roadmap.

Skills gap analysis

Following the maturity assessment, a gap analysis will be conducted to identify the shortfall in skills and experience within the data teams. Once the strategy is in place, Eliga has the capability to drive the data programme to a successful conclusion.

Our dynamic data strategists

Our data strategists have the expertise to deliver all aspects of your data strategy programme.

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