Agile delivery

The Eliga philosophy is based around the Agile ways of working and succeeding.
Whatever stage your business is at along the Agile journey, we will work with you to devise, develop and deliver your transformational projects. We always approach delivery using Agile methodologies which allows us to respond quickly to changing requirements, embrace continuous improvement, increase productivity and accelerate project completion.

Benefits of our development expertise

Agile development approach

Pair programming, TDD and BDD, continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Dedicated Scrum master

For our projects to be successful, we believe that having a dedicated Scrum master in place is key to maintaining best practices, assisting in project delivery and overcoming any blockers. Our Scrum masters are next-level experts in all Agile methodologies.

Collaborative partnerships

We work with you to understand your experiences and learn about your vision for the future. We make recommendations. We share best practice. We communicate, coordinate and collaborate together.

Agile coaching

At Eliga it is our belief that Agile effects the whole organisation, therefore, for a successful Agile transformation our experts coach from the C-suite to individual team members.

Our brilliantly Agile people

Our expert team of Scrum masters, Certified Scaled Agile Framework (SA) Consultants, Practitioners and Coaches have worked with some of the worlds most innovative financial services firms to embed Agile culture and values, install Agile principles and solve complex adaptive problems to ensure they deliver a high value output.

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Excellent project management is vital to agile delivery

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