Experience design

Eliga’ experience design services expertly blend UX and UI with storytelling to empower clients. From product landing pages to portals, we create engaging experiences that supercharge growth.

Our focus

UX design

Take insights about your business and customers, turning them into effective, accessible and delightful experiences that people love to use. Our aim is to make the complex easy to use.

UI design

User-friendliness depends on a seamless experience across different interfaces. Whether a business requires a back-office solution or is launching a consumer-facing app, UI design ensures the highest level of usability.

Visual design

We help brands and businesses build influence and personality in a crowded market. Create a cohesive system across all mediums and touchpoints with targeted communications and visual designs.

Design enablement

Encourage strong alliances across teams with best practices and standards. Eliga helps its clients introduce innovative and collaborative workshops, supporting product and service launches.

User-centric problem solving

Leverage Eliga’s in-house capabilities to build innovative end-to-end solutions. Whether a business needs help prototyping a customer journey or developing concept strategies, we apply Design Thinking at every stage.

Discover, define, ideate, prototype, test, deliver

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Gav Sanchania

Head of Digital

Charlie Crook

Product Designer

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