We are carbon neutral

Our commitments

At Eliga, we’re proud to say, we are officially a carbon neutral company.

What does this mean?

  1. We have calculated our greenhouse gas
  2. We have offset any unavoidable emissions
    through carbon offset projects
  3. We are continuously reviewing them

Our corporate climate action partner

By choosing ClimatePartner for the measurement and monitoring of our carbon footprint, credibility and transparency are guaranteed.

ClimatePartner offers:

Compliance to recognised standards such as the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard

All projects geared towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A large portfolio of recognised carbon offset projects

Carbon offset projects we support

Woodland Carbon – International + United Kingdom

An international carbon offset project combined with the Woodland Carbon Code. Aimed at restoring and/or foresting rough pasture into habitat that benefits local wildlife and society.

Ocean Protection –

By offsetting one tonne of CO2, 10kg of plastic is collected.

This corresponds to approx. 500 plastic bottles. In this way, the project protects marine life, microorganisms, and endangered species.

Wind Energy –
Vader Piet, Aruba

A 10-turbine wind farm with a capacity of 30 MW generates up to 15 per cent of Aruba’s total power. This saves around 152,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year and reinforces the independent energy supply in Aruba.

Track our carbon neutrality

You can view our carbon neutrality through the ClimatePartner ID tracking tool:

What does carbon neutrality look like?

Understanding carbon footprints and neutrality by numbers alone can be a little difficult.

Is 300 tons of CO2 a lot for a corporate carbon footprint? It’s hard to determine without anything to compare it with.

Move the slider along the carbon emissions calculator below to gain more of an understanding.