About us

Hello, we are Eliga

Established financial services brands turn to us to help them succeed with their pioneering technology projects.
As an Agile tech delivery engine, we take our clients brief and make it a reality. Our team of Account Managers and expert consultants will  drive the assignments over the finish line.
We deliver bespoke products and solutions that our clients want to shout about. Our experts will help shape the future of their business.

What we stand for

We are an Agile, energetic, close-knit bunch of thinkers and doers that believe in building lasting relationships with our clients that are not forced but earned. The thing that makes the Eliga team unique is that we are friends and family foremost therefore we all share a common passion for the success of our business and clients.

Honesty, sometimes brutal honesty, is where trust can really be built. It is so important to us that our client’s trust us to do things the right way and do the worrying on their behalf.  We never charge account management fees, it is a little unorthodox but we are not greedy. We deliver what is agreed and that is why our clients pick up the phone to us time and time again.

We do not want to dilute our knowledge so we are only focussed on the financial services sector. We can tick all the regulatory boxes, know the intricacies of the sector and understand how the internal cogs work.

Specialists in the Financial sector
We stay by your side
We prioritise delivery over profit
Brilliantly flexible and reliable teams

The story behind our name; Eliga

The Agile software development approach embodies everything we believe in as a business.
So, we spelt it backwards and found our name. Who said stories had to be long?

Get to know us a bit more

We’re not much for personal profiles, but we’re not shy when it comes to getting the job done. Want to join our team? Learn how.

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