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We help our clients build digital solutions and embrace new technologies that transform the way they work. Everything that we do is driven by user experience so that every project delivers value to the customer and your business. Let’s get started.

What we do

Everything that we do is designed to deliver value to our clients and their customers. From technology to cultural change, we bring fresh thinking and an agile approach. We do this through experience design, business consultancy and technology.

Anything is possible with the right approach.


Users are at the heart of everything we do. Design Thinking allows us to adopt a user-centric approach to problem-solving. Our iterative process focuses on users and their needs at all stages of design and development.

Create value

Deliver value with data-led experiences. Whether we are service designing, creating roadmaps or planning releases, our prioritisation framework allows clients to maximise opportunity.


We partner with you to break down complexities and define measurable milestones to execute, learn and iterate. From regular meets to status reporting, Eliga promotes transparency and clear roles with our collaborative approach.

Agile mindset

Expect fresh and nimble thinking. Successful transformations are built on clear expectations. We actively engage teams and stakeholders to drive change and establish new ways of working.

Our work

Delivering an infrastructure solution

After delivering a tactical piece of work, Eliga assisted in the delivery of a pension portal. We worked with various streams across global teams to build, test and deliver a new infrastructure solution journey, replacing a dated solution.

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