We are a technology
delivery engine

Our expert tech teams will help shape the future of your business by combining insight and know how on your projects that will exceed your expectations and help you achieve impressive results.

Reliable, flexible and no-nonsense teams to deliver projects, yesterday

Sticking to our specialism

We are specialists in financial services technology, from Agile delivery to software development. It’s what we love. It’s what we do.

Staying by your side

We go above and beyond to stay by our clients side to ensure project success.

Delivery over profit

Our focus is always on the outcome and that allows us to build relationships with our clients that have longevity.

What we do

Flexibility is our key driver. Whether a small one-person website delivery or a multi million multi year transformation project, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the right solution, using the right resources at the right time.
We work in collaboration with our clients to devise the scope, develop the solution and deliver the project.
Our people are critical to everything we do here at Eliga Services. We work with like-minded individuals who have the skills and knowledge to really add value.
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Eliga – our blueprint for transformation

Discover how Eliga can help you deliver with a difference.

Agile delivery

The Eliga philosophy is based around the Agile ways of working and succeeding.

Data integration

Eliga has the experience in transforming and integrating data. We are skilled in the process of combining data from different sources into a single, unified view.

Data strategy

At Eliga we are not afraid to ask the most challenging questions which allows us to map out our clients data driven approach and the taxonomy of a data strategy.

Software development

We are experts in software project development and delivery. We posses the technical skills to keep ahead of the rapid pace of change in software development.

Digital implementation

We have years of experience of working with dynamic financial services clients to create the standards, tools and frameworks needed to implement cutting-edge digital projects.

Project management

Taking an Agile approach to project management means being pragmatic and flexible. We bring our own techniques and experience but always compliment our clients ways of working. Collaboration is key.

Our people

We are a close-knit team that has seen and experienced the dramatic changes in the tech sector over the past 10 years. Our company works tirelessly to deliver technology projects using carefully selected expertise and teams that always meet our clients needs.
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Work with us

Whatever your set up, we would love to hear from you.
Working with us gives you access to exciting, challenging delivery focused assignments. You have the support of a team of like-minded people who will always have your back. 
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